Artist Statement

'When Women Were Birds II', Soulscape mixed media SOLD


My approach to painting comes in various forms. At times I work in a frenzy with no plan, instinctively applying paint, collage and other media to create layered images that are essentially born out of close observations of both inner and outer worlds. I refer to these pieces as Soulscapes. Bold in colour and design and often featuring other worldy figures these images appear as if with a life of their own, born out of the initial marks made onto the canvas created mostly with fingers and found objects.   A deep concern for the planet  coupled with a keen interest in my family history, especially the stories of my ancestral ties to the South  Sea Islander people is also reflected and bears a strong influence on how I approach not only my art, but life in general. For me, these paintings that have strong ecological and ancestral themes, are my way of honouring and remembering.

'Yes, Your Highness', SOLD

Another Way

Exploration and experimentation are keys to my practice and at times I create paintings using different mediums and applications. I love to create bold and colourful images that are quirky whimsical scenes of the everyday, playing with perspective and reality. I am currently exploring this in depth with my new body of work 'The Sacred, The Mundane: Scenes of the Everyday' using the tradition of oils and inspired largely from my daily drawings. What if we chose to see the sacred in everything? From hanging out the washing to watching the chooks graze in the yard. I have come to realise that everything around me, the simple mundane tasks of life, my immediate landscape is what is most sacred and this is what I hope to capture the beauty of in these paintings.



I am inspired by the beauty all around and within. I spend my days closely observing light and shadow, the way the horizon line fades off at sunset and how the blue, blue sky meets the red soil of the region I live. My daily drawing practice invites me to live each day with all senses awakened so that the sights, smells, tastes and feelings make their way into my work. A deep  connection to the land and to my  ancestors and the world travels I embark on influence and inspire my work greatly. These influences are clear in my paintings; from the bustling streets of Bali to the ever changing landscape of Bundaberg, to my own backyard. Some paintings have been created out of very direct life experiences, while others are born out of my love for seeking out patterns, signs and symbols in nature and then translating that onto canvas. Sometimes it might just be a conversation or a feeling of the awe of nature that inspires me to get out the pencils or brushes and start creating.

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