Jassy is a Contemporary Australian artist living in regional Bundaberg, Queensland. While formally trained in the arts,  Jassy has developed her own way of working through her many years of creative practice and exploration. This has led to her creating unique images that are essentially  born from close observation of both inner and outer landscapes.

Jassy works primarily in acrylic and mixed media and more recently has returned to oils has her preferred medium. Many of her bold and vibrant paintings are created by building up layers of marks and shapes until an image and story emerges while other pieces are planned, drawing inspiration from scenes of everyday life; from the ever-changing landscape of the Bundaberg region to tropical Bali and even her own backyard.  Jassy often explores ecological and ancestral themes in her works with her latest series of paintings 'Sacred Ground' , recently displayed at Gatakers Art Space, speaking of an ancient sacred relationship between humans and the earth. The stories of her South Sea Islander ancestry is also a strong influence, inspiring many of her pieces.

Jassy's paintings have been sold and sent worldwide, exhibited in numerous shows nationally,  and featured in a number of international online and in-text publications. She was also a selected finalist for the Queensland Regional Art Awards 2017 and more recently for the prestigious Morris Art Prize. From Earth Circle Studios, Jassy works as a full-time artist and Intentional Creativity Coach offering classes with various artistic approaches. 

As an advocate for the social and cultural importance of the arts Jassy  also founded the not-for-profit organisation - Wide Bay Women's Healing Art's Guild, a provider of alternative art resources for Women in her regional area. Over the years she has also hosted group exhibits as part of national Earth Arts programs and participated in numerous community arts projects including funded public art installations.

For a more detailed review of her career in the arts to date please refer to the Artist CV.


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